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With Kudos 365 you can post your own messages and promotions as often as you want to and have your postings reach your intended audience without getting rejected or lost in spam folders. You decide if you want to reach your most ardent fans, new customers, or target your posts by specific geographical locations. You can also have your customers play for prizes when they visit you. Several plans are available depending on your needs.

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Attract new customers! Our Members can see your postings and follow your business. All your postings are delivered to all our member accounts, no need to pay to boost your reach.

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Several plans are available depending on your needs. Select the monthly subscription plan that makes sense to your business. You can change it or cancel it at any time. Click here to see the subscription plans available.

Post Your News

Post your news and messages when you want to. You select when you post and for how long. Each one of your news post is viewable at each one of our member accounts within 15 miles of your zip code or chosen location(s).

Set up Special Offers

It is easy to setup a special offer at Kudos 365. You can make the offer available in minutes to all Kudos 365 members, or only for those who follow you.

Post Prizes

At Kudos 365 you can set up a prize drawing program for your customers to enter when the visit your facility or your website. You decide how many prizes will be awarded, when the drawing will take place and the Terms and Conditions of your drawing. Kudos will select a winner(s) at random and will notify them with your redemption instructions.

Set up a Loyalty Program

Some businesses prefer setting up loyalty programs based on customers visiting their facility or website. You can easily do that at Kudos 365.

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